Retro Dating

This weekend we headed to The Retro Festival, a weekend dedicated to all things vintage; from clothes and music, to cars and dancing! It was a great weekend, the sun was shining and the jive dancers were… well, jiving! The festival got us thinking about how different the dating game was back then, so we’ve picked out our favourite things about retro dating…

 1.  Greeting your date at the door –

Nowadays it’s a quick ‘I’m outside’ text, but we weren’t always so lazy. In those days a gentleman would walk right up to the front door to greet his date, even if it meant meeting the parents!

(For safety reasons, we don’t advise this on a first date. Always meet in a public place!)

2. Getting dressed up – 

No we don’t mean a tuxedo and ball gown, but a nice dress or shirt beats a pair of ripped jeans and scruffy trainers!

3. Bringing your date a gift – 

A really simple gesture such as a single rose or a box of chocolates will always put a smile on your date’s face.

4. Giving your date your undivided attention – 

Imagine going through an entire date without being interrupted by phone calls, text messages and Candy Crush requests! BLISS!

5. Letting them know you had a great time – 

In days gone by, we were much more creative about letting someone know how we were feeling. Instead of sending a quick text, send them flowers, or leave a note on their car telling them you can’t wait to see them again.

So what do you say Smoochers? Let’s bring back good old fashioned dating!

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