5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Creative

Creative types (otherwise known as artists, musicians, actors, writers, designers, and so on) make great boyfriends/girlfriends, and here’s why…

  1. They’re good at expressing themselves –

Creative types are often in tune with their emotions, and have no trouble expressing them. Even the most dark and brooding will find their own way to let you know how special you are to them (just imagine having a song written about you?!)

  1. Their social life is infinitely cooler than the norm –

They surround themselves with fellow creative types so you’ll always have a gig or exhibition to go to. Let’s face it; it beats another night of soaps on the sofa!

  1. They’re passionate people –

They are passionate about all aspects of their life, from work to friends to relationships. They don’t do things by half, it’s all or nothing.

  1. Spontaneity –

They don’t work 9-5 jobs, which gives them the freedom to book a last minute trip to Europe because their favourite band is playing, and they absolutely cannot miss it. And if you can’t make the trip, they’ll spend hours making you an awesome video of the show so you don’t feel you missed out.

  1. They’re open minded –

Creative types don’t need you to impress them. They’re as happy hanging out in your local pizza place as they are in a Michelin star restaurant. They have a wide variety of friendship groups, which makes them far less judgemental than most, so there’s no need to worry about introducing them to that one friend who always puts her foot in her mouth!

Right, we’re off to sign up for a local art class! See you later!

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