Miss Ask Smooch Last Night? Don’t Worry!

Hey Smoochers!

Last night was another great night of Ask Smooch, big thanks to all that came along to chat! For those of you wondering what Ask Smooch is, allow us to explain…

Once a fortnight, on a Monday evening at 7pm, we host Ask Smooch hour on our Facebook page. It’s a chance for you to ask your fellow Smoochers your dating questions! Here’s how it works:

1. You send us the question you’d like asked via a private message on Facebook (you can ask to remain anonymous!)

2. We post the question to our Facebook wall.

3. Smoochers answer your question! 

Simple, right? It’s always great fun and it’s a great chance to chat with your fellow Smoochers. Here’s what happened last night…

Our first question came from Kasia in Basingstoke…

I’ve been seeing someone for three weeks now and we really like each other. I want to approach the subject of us ‘hiding’ our Smooch profiles but I’m worried it might be too soon to ask. Will I scare him off? Should I let him bring it up?

We’ve picked some of our favourite responses…

Sue says: It’s ONLY been 3 weeks, breathe and just enjoy getting to know each other!

Dave says: Well you don’t have to be so blunt as to say ‘lets come off Smooch‘ however chat about how you feel, how Smooch was great bringing you together and say you feel that its time you came off Smooch now you have found him and see what he says.

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Our second question came from Mark from Burnley. He asked…

Do women find dinner dates boring? I’d like to try taking a woman somewhere different but I’m short of ideas!

Here are our favourite suggestions…

Amanda says: I think a guy taking a lady on a dinner date is very romantic, and a great way to get to know each other. But if you’re a person that doesn’t really enjoy dinner dates then I’m sure a drink in a nice quiet pub will be just as romantic.

Sue says: Try a river/canal or some walk with a picnic, girls like that. I’ll settle for pool and a pint though!

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Our third question of the evening came from Anne in Hastings…

‘I’m nervous about uploading a photo to my profile, not because I don’t like the way I look, but because I’m scared of being recognised by family and friends. Do you reply to messages from people with no photo? Am I missing out?

Here’s what Smoochers had to say…

Geoffrey says: Having a photo is the most important thing on a profile. As I state on my profile – no pic, no reply! End of the day you wouldn’t date a stranger if he was wearing a bag over his head!

Dave says: Shallow though it seems, I will not look at a profile without a pic, or that you have to ask to see, I get the feeling there is something to hide.

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And our final question of the evening came from Sally in Birmingham…

I have a lot of trust issues from past relationships. How do you deal with jealousy? Any tips would be much appreciated!’

As always, our Smoochers were there with some top advice…

Sue says: Never take your ex into your future no matter what. You will never move on. If this is the case don’t even think of dating, no guy/woman will stand a chance.

Shane says: She’s not ready, in my opinion.

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If you missed out on last night’s Ask Smooch, fear not! You can still have your say on our Facebook page. And don’t forget to join us on Monday 18th August for the next Ask Smooch!

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