The Perfect Message

We asked Smoochers some detailed questions about the type of messages they get on – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We thought it’d be good to share their answers with you and give you some top tips on making sure your message is the one to reply to!

Let’s get started…

Getting your subject line right: 

39% of you would read a message that started with a simple ‘Hello!’

Only 9% of you would read a message that started with ‘Greetings!’ (Sci-fi fans, perhaps?)

Top tip – Keep it simple. 

First impressions: 

56% would read on if the message started with ‘I like your profile…’

15% of men would feel compelled to read a message that said ‘Get your coat, you’ve pulled! (Unsurprisingly, only 4% of women would continue reading!)

Single thirty-somethings are the easiest to win over with flattery, with 48% saying ‘You look beautiful/handsome…’ would keep them reading!

The over 60’s do not like text talk! 0% would read a message that started with ‘Lol!’

Top tip – Take the time to read their profile, and comment on what you liked about it!

What they do & don’t want to hear: 

64% would respond positively to ‘Perhaps when you’re next online we could chat?’

Asking for more photos in a first message is a no-no. Only 5% of women said they would reply to a request for more snaps.

It seems the ladies of Smooch are a cautious bunch (and rightly so – safety first!). A mere 3% of female Smoochers said that they would respond positively to the following in a first message…

‘Would you like to meet?
‘Add me on Skype/Whatsapp!’
‘Here’s my email address…’

Top tip – Don’t come on too strong too soon. 

Sign off in style: 

80% of Smoochers want you to say ‘Hopefully speak to you soon…’

2% opted for a good old fashioned ‘Farewell.’

14% of men would be happy with ‘TTFN’ (Ta Ta For Now) compared to only 8% of women.

Top tip – Leave the conversation on a positive note. 

To reply or not to reply: 

40% of men on reply to all messages, compared to just 8% of women! C’mon ladies!

The over 50’s are more likely to reply to a message than any other age range!

Top tip – Don’t leave someone hanging! Even if it’s just a polite ‘thanks, but no thanks.’ 

With all this inside knowledge, you should have no problem bagging a date on!

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