The Worst Things To Put In Your Online Dating Profile

Every two weeks, we host a Facebook question and answer session called ‘Ask Smooch‘ where, beforehand, Smooch users send us the burning questions that they want answered by their fellow singles.

One question from Smooch user, Paul, that sparked great discussion was;

What’s the worst thing you could read on someone’s profile?

Some of the answers we received from our lovely bunch of  facebookers were;

“When men have private pictures. They want to show you them with no clothes on”


“He was married”

“He had been in Prison for GBH before”

“Someone who is bitter about past relationships really puts me off messaging the person, no matter how attractive I think they are!”

“When they are cocky or full of themselves”

“The ones where all they put is ‘I don’t know what to put’ repeatedly”

“The ‘not looking for players’ bit”

On a facebook profile ‘in a relationship with……….’ on Smooch ‘looking for anything'”

“Must be good looking”

“Men who don’t put pics on. I think means they are already married or have a partner already and only looking for that bit extra”

“Where they say they are non-smokers and aren’t”

“Claim to be taller than they really are”

“Photos of themselves ten years ago, or of someone else”

“Believe it or not, posing in front of their washing all displayed on the clothes dryer, and wearing their breakfast down their dressing gown”

“Text talking and bad spellers”

“Someone mentioning sex when you read their profile! Instant turn off!!”

So there you have it, some instant online dating no-nos from experienced online daters. Like us on facebook for more fun discussions and to meet some great people whilst you’re at it.

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