How To Not Be A Boring Date

Today on the blog dating expert Hayley Quinn gives her top tips on how to bag that second date…


You meet someone you fancy, you get that all important first date, you text them to say ‘thank you’ for the awesome evening… and you hear nothing back.

You never want to be that person.

However if you follow my 3 great tips for first dates, I promise that you’re always going to be the person they want to call…

1. Don’t ask questions you don’t care about. I know your mum told you that it’s polite to ‘ask after the other person’ but as a woman who’s been on the receiving end of an endless list of questions about my job, I can safely say that any Jeremy Paxman impressions aren’t going to do you any favours. So if you don’t care about which shop she bought her dress in/ the finer points of Sage Pay / which exact street she lives on… don’t ask!

Questions can be OK but they have to be meaningful ones, so take a risk and ask about something you’d actually be genuinely curious to know the answer to.

2. Don’t be too coy. This is one for the ladies… Too much dating advice has told you that men will ‘chase’ after you if you hold back, don’t reveal too much, and play the ice queen. Wrong. Instead of finding your aloofness sexy at best he’s going to be so intimidated he’ll think you don’t like him and will just give up, at worst he’ll never get to see your personality, and so won’t have a reason to choose you to see again.

So be inviting, be warm, be friendly. Tell him about a time that you felt embarrassed, a funny story or about the best holiday you took really. Openness is closer to sexiness than you might think.

3. Don’t play it too safe. I get it as a guy you don’t want to seem like you’re just chasing tail, as a woman you don’t want to be that one night girl… but if you don’t show that you’re comfortable with talking about sex and flirting I bet your first date will lack those lightening bolts that lead to a second.

Now you don’t have to go crude but start out by swapping funny stories of your ‘worst date ever’ and see if as you describe that awkward kiss, if you don’t both start thinking about how much more awesome it would be to lean in right now…

The key isn’t to being cautious, careful not to offend them or ‘say the wrong thing’. Having a great first date is about being bold, being you and then if they don’t call… it’s definitely their loss.

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