DIY Dinner Date

12 DIY Dinner Date Tips

Let’s face it, dating gets expensive after a while! You want to impress your date by taking them somewhere fancy, but unless you’re on Britain’s Rich List, it’s hard to keep that up for long!

Whilst wining and dining at home comes naturally to some singles,  getting your Jamie or Nigella on can be a daunting prospect for others.

Think about your menu

  • If you are thinking of serving multiple courses, make sure they all make sense together. Spaghetti, followed by Thai Green Curry and Jelly and Ice Cream may be a bit of a stomach churner come home time!
  • Rather than dusting off all your recipe books,  Ocado have a fully comprehensive recipe search that lets you add all the ingredients of your chosen dishes automatically to your basket! How handy is that?!
  • Get the lowdown on what your date likes, dislikes, is allergic to etc. You don’t want to have to get your EpiPen out whilst you tuck into your scallops.
  • If you burn something or make a mistake, make sure you have a  Plan B. A pack of fresh pasta and sauce is an acceptable back up just incase!

Think about the setting

  • You don’t need to go over the top on fancy plates and cutlery. Simple place settings look elegant – just make sure it’s clean!
  • Turn down the lights if you can, and make sure your place smells nice – add a scented candle to your shopping list.
  • Turn on some faint music, this helps to fill those awkward silences should there be any!
  • Clean the bathroom. For obvious reasons.
  • So you can focus on your date, make sure that your housemates/family are out of the way. Embarrassing interruptions  can kill the romance very quickly!

Be the perfect host

  • When your date comes to the door, greet them with a big smile and offer to take their coat/bag. Then offer them a drink.
  • Ensure your date is not left alone whilst you create your culinary masterpiece. Feel free to get your date involved with the cooking, this will help you both relax and give you something to chat about.

Be yourself

  • If you are nervous about your date, don’t pretend to be something you are not. Be yourself, relax, and have fun. That’s all that anyone will ever ask of you.

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