What Would You Choose… Football or Sex?

All this World Cup talk got us thinking… what is more important to the men of UK Smooch.com, football or sex? You won’t believe what they said…

  • A whopping 62% would choose football over sex!
  • 43% said they would choose football over sex with their favourite celebrity (Although we have a sneaking suspicion this number wouldn’t be as high if they were actually propositioned by a lovely lady like Kelly Brook!)
  • 10% would rather watch England play in the World Cup than win the lottery (yes, we’re serious!)

What do you think about the results? Surprising? We asked the ladies of Smooch what they thought, 82% said they were unsurprised that men chose football over sex! One said, ‘Their partner must be using the wrong bait!

Let us know your thoughts below!

sex-or-football-infographic-v1 (1)


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One thought on “What Would You Choose… Football or Sex?”

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