The Rise of the Wingwoman

We’re all familiar with the term ‘wingman’ – a friend that will help you in a bid to win over a girl, whether it be occupying her single friend or creating an opportunity for you to talk to the one you’ve been after for a while, the ‘wingman’ has always been an important, unspoken duty among guys.

However, much to men’s dismay, women are not falling for your smooth talking best mate and his efforts are somewhat pointless. We’re now immune to the ‘my friend over there, he likes you a lot’ routine … it just doesn’t wash anymore and we know your tactics have been tried on another 100 girls before.

Well, we’ve got an idea, forget your ‘wingman’ and get yourself a ‘wingwoman’. A wingwoman’s efforts to bag you a girl will somewhat go undetected and your female friend will be a lot more tactile when ‘bigging’ you up to a potential match and her plight most likely listened to. The good thing about having a ‘wingwoman’ is that a lot of women, when out, will know a lot of other women and this, for you, means more women to be introduced to.

The reason your wingman has failed you on so many occasions before is because a man who makes the first move with the ladies shows the most confidence, why would we want to talk to the shy guy who didn’t have the courage to make the first move? A good wingwoman will give the impression that you’re a desirable guy as you are in the company of an attractive woman (cough cough). However, when using this tactic, make sure you and your wingwoman have sufficient boundaries – you don’t want to give the impression that you’re in a relationship, so keep your distance and keep it friendly and let your new ‘wingwoman’ work her magic.

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