Ask Smooch Facebook Session

Join Us Tonight Facebook For Ask Smooch!

Please note – this event has finished. Thank you to everyone that took part!

Hello there, Smoochers!

Who’s up for another Ask Smooch session? It’s where we ask other Smooch users burning questions about online dating on your behalf. We love hearing your questions and honest answers!

Come join us TONIGHT (Monday 9th June) on our Facebook page from 8pm til 9pm!

Here’s a quick recap of the questions we asked you last time…

Kirsty asked:

How do you attract people closer to your age as I seem to attract men a lot older than myself, or is there not a lot I can do about it?

Charlotte wanted to know:

“Do you search for your dates on Facebook before you meet them? (It can’t just be me!!)”

Paul asked:

What’s the worse thing you could read on someone’s profile?

Raj wanted to know:

What do you use more to look for people, the Star Bar or The Wall?

As usual, your answers were great, and we’re looking forward to hearing your views tonight…

Got a question you’d like us to ask? Send us a private message on Facebook before 8pm! Please note, we may not have time to post all of your questions.

See you there!

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