Getting the most from online dating

5 More Tips & Tricks

Hello, Smoochers!

Following on from the last 6 tips & tricks, we’ve recently launched some new features which may have passed you by, so we wanted to make sure you’re not missing out! Get the most from with the following new and improved features:

1. Invite your friends & get a FREE upgrade!

Love Smooch? Know someone that needs a boost to their online dating life, or who’s new on the scene and needs to be shown the way? If you log in and go here, you can connect Smooch to your favourite email service and send out invitations to join to all your single friends.

To say thanks, when your friend joins, we’ll upgrade your membership to VIP Status for one day. The more friends that join, the more free days you get!

2. Your photos now moderated in minutes, 24/7

We now have a brilliant team of moderators who work tirelessly, night and day to moderate your lovely profile pics! To keep you safe, we also check all profile descriptions. If you’re a seasoned Smoocher, you should now see your photos & text moderated inĀ  super quick time! Upload your photo now.

3. Rate Photos

This is a new, fun way to look through lots of photos in one go. Zoom through profiles and rate photos like you’re on the panel of XFactor. If you like the look of someone, click their pic to see more.

4. Get 18x more attention

In case you’ve missed it, that big blue bar across the top of Smooch is the BEST way to get yourself noticed! On average, Smoochers have been receiving 18x more profile views when they post their photo on The Star Bar. Log in now and give it a whirl. Who knows, you might just get a date!

5. Smooch on the go

Many of you already know that we have a great mobile site that allows you to do your Smooching on the go. Just incase it’s passed you by, don’t let being out and about stop you from replying to your messages or uploading a new selfie!


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