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Hope you’re having a good bank holiday, Smoochers!

Who’s up for another Ask Smooch hour?

Come join us tomorrow (Monday 26th May) on our Facebook page night from 5pm!

Here’s a quick recap of the questions we asked you last time…

Janice from Yorkshire asked:

“What’s the easiest way to let a guy down? When I’ve been honest in the past and said guys weren’t my type, I get abuse back!

Sue wanted to know:

Why do people want to meet up and swap numbers within the first 24 hours?

Tracy from Humberside asked

What do guys think of women with tattoos?

Anonymous wanted to know:

I recently turned down a date with a guy because he still lived with his mum. My friends think that’s shallow. Is it?

Your answers were great, as usual, and we’re looking forward to hearing your views tomorrow…

Got a question you’d like us to ask? Send us a private message on Facebook before 5pm on Monday!

See you there!

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