5 Fears Men Have Before A Date


Today dating expert Hayley Quinn takes over the Smooch.com blog with 5 fears all men have before a date…

He may have been super smooth when he approached you in a bar: but believe me he will be quaking in his boots before he meets you for a drink… and probably not for the reasons you’d expect…

1. Running out of things to say

Everyone hates awkward silences but if it happens the guy will feel 100% responsible for it. Worrying that his chat is boring, or that you’re an alien species he just can’t communicate with (unless he’s had a few pints) is men’s number one fear before going to meet you.

2. Answering your questions

Even if you take the lead in the conversation chances are he’ll be finding it as comfortable as his GCSE English exam. That question about how many girlfriends he’s had? Tough one! He doesn’t want to put you off so don’t be surprised if he draws a blank, or says a stupid line. He just doesn’t want to put you off him forever.

3. Good venue

Is the bar noisy? Is your table wobbly? Did he buy you exactly the wrong drink? All bad news for his ego. Where a man courts you is close to his heart and he’ll be worried you don’t like his choice of venue.

4. Do you fancy him?

Men now spend nearly as much on grooming as we do. The take home message? He’s now the one stressing that if he has a hair out of place that you won’t fancy him. It really is the 21st century… so don’t believe his machismo that he didn’t spend 2 hours in the bathroom before going out to meet you.

5. The kiss

The big first kiss…. got to be the most stressful part of any date. He’ll be on the look out for when’s the right time to make his move, worrying that you’re going to reject him and gobbling down the orbit. Bless. Help him out to get his movie moment just right by giving clear signals when’s the right time for you.

Bottom line: most guys on a date with you aren’t world-class players, most are shy guys who’d love to have a girlfriend. So if he says something goofy, accidentally takes you to a bar that sucks, or lunges in for the kiss too soon try to forgive him, it sounds like he really likes you.

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