Smooch Online Dating Success Story

I Never Believed In Soulmates But Thanks To Smooch It Has Happened For Me

I first spoke to Tom on a Sunday night when he showed interest in my profile.

Even though I asked for older males he is younger than me. We hit it off immediately, we spoke for hours and again messaged on Monday.

After exchanging phone numbers on Tuesday the texts were flying back and forth. We had our first date on Friday 6th August, we haven’t looked back since!

Quickly hitting it off and seeing each other most nights, we found out last October we were expecting a baby!

We moved in together just before Christmas and we welcomed our beautiful baby daughter into the world the end of June. She has just completed our happiness. We have celebrated our 3 year anniversary recently.

I never believed in soul mates but thanks to Smooch it has happened for me. We are extremely happy and look forward to a very happy future, thanks so much smooch, your site has made my life complete and I will be forever grateful to the site.


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