online dating turn offs

Top 10 Dating Turn Offs

We’ve collated the ultimate dating turn offs from thousands of online dating profiles. It seems that lack of basic oral hygiene is at the top of the list, closely followed by everyone’s favourite personality trait, arrogance!

Do you agree with the list? What is your biggest turn off?

10. Lateness 

9. Cheating

8. Ignorance

7. Rudeness

6. Bad teeth
5. Smoking

4. Bad manners

3. Arrogance

2. Lying

1. Bad breath


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Dating Turn Offs”

  1. I come off smooch because I got alot of check outs and smoochables and a few emails but sadly they didn’t work out because I was honest about my self and they judged me with out getting to know me and seeng me in person d it put others off writing to me to get to know me or the real me cos noone knows anyone until they meet up in person I may come back at some day


  2. I agree totally with the person above too many people wont take the plunge and meet up they just either cant be bothered or like most people in todays society are completely ignorant and only care about themselves.


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