14 Fun & Free Date Ideas

Firstly, find a lovely person on Smooch.com to meet … then use our handy list to plan the perfect, free date!

1. Attend a free festival.
You might be surprised to find lots of fun events near you!

2. Watch a busker.
Love them or loathe them, most high streets have them!

3. Board games don’t have to be boring.
Let out your competitive side with a game of Operation or Mouse Trap! There are loads of free online games to play too.

4. Go to a petting zoo.
There are loads of farms across the country that don’t charge an entry fee. Go and make that goat’s day.

5. Go on a bike ride.
Then when your legs are about to fall off, settle somewhere and crack open a bottle of bubbly!

6. Go foraging for ingredients for dinner.
Just don’t eat weird looking things!

7. Visit a farmer’s market.
Taking advantage of all the free tastings means you probably don’t have to pay for or cook dinner later!

8. Have a movie marathon night.
The first one to snooze, loses.

9. Have a bake off.
Judge each others bakes and then eat them all up!

10. Explore your home towns.
You might find out something really interesting… or you might not, but it’ll be fun, honest!

11. Use loyalty points to get free days out and tickets.
Most shops, banks and brands now have loyalty cards, save up your points and redeem them on fun stuff to do or places to go.

12. Go on a treasure hunt.
Hide the treasure, then set the clues!

13. Good at something?
Have a skill swapping day!

14. Have an indoor camping night.
Toast marshmallows on candles, and look at the plastic glow in the dark stars on the ceiling!

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