6 Smooch.com Tips & Tricks

Hi there, Smoochers!

We’ve launched some new features recently which may have escaped your attention, so we wanted to make sure you’re not missing a trick! We want you to get the most out of your free online dating site!

1. See who has read your emails!

Just look at your Sent Items and you’ll see the little ‘Read’ or ‘Unread’ indicator.

2. Smooch is the only online dating site to offer a Voice Profile Service!

If you want to hear what other Smoochers sound like, visit their Profile Page and ring their number to listen to them! You can also leave messages for them too without giving out your phone number! Look for thesmooch-voicelogo when browsing profiles. Don’t forget to record your own Smooch Voice Profile too!

3. Filter out those you would rather not hear from

The Smooch.com Conversation Filter allows you to filter out messages from people you’d rather not hear from. Options include people with/without photos, relationship statuses and age, amongst others…

4. Mutual Interests = More Contacts!

InterestsWhen you’re browsing others’ profiles, did you know you can add one of their interests to your own profile by pressing the little green plus icon? When they view your profile back, you’ll have a red heart next to your shared interest, which means you have something in common!

This is a great conversation starter!

5. Check out our FAQs if you get stuck

Unlike some other dating sites, we’ve put a lot of effort into creating a comprehensive FAQs section which you can browse if you are stuck on something. If you can’t find the answer to your burning question, email us and we’ll get back to you, sharpish!

6. Chat FREE to people when they’re online

Online-chatIf you like to chat privately to other Smoochers, you can do so whilst they’re online, for FREE! If you go to their profile page and look for the speech bubble icon, click it, and it will launch a chat screen.


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