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I Was About To Give Up Looking For Mr. Right


I just had to write to you and say a big thank you,
Gary and I met through a year ago. After being on and off the internet dating scene for a few years, I was about to give up looking for Mr. Right when I logged into my account with thoughts of closing it and found a message from Gary. It’s fair to say we have almost been inseparable ever since and we’re happily planning our wedding for mid September this year.

If it wasn’t for we would never have met, it only goes to show you never know who’s waiting round the corner.

Many thanks one and all to the Smooch team!

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One thought on “I Was About To Give Up Looking For Mr. Right”

  1. Nice story, really! Congrats, guys! If only I were as lucky as you… Met him via a dating site with that ‘serious realtionships’ only attitude about it, and ended up wsting a year of my life cause in the end he all of a suddent decided his career was more important than me, and told me so, unfortunately, already after I got attached. Hope I can find someone better here…


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