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Tell Us What You Really Want, And WIN!

We’d LOVE to know what features you’d like us to add to to improve your free online dating experience.

Whether it is the ability to upload more photos, to browse privately or save more searches… let us know!

The person with the best, and most original suggestion posted below wins 1000 credits, and it may even make it on to our new features list!

5 thoughts on “Tell Us What You Really Want, And WIN!”

  1. To be able to chat directly with someone whether they are online or not. Like sending a text but personal and customise-able! maybe like sending a letter an e-letter if you will 🙂


  2. I think that you should be allowed to upload more photos.You used to have the Private Chat as well which I liked very much,but not sure if you have this anymore,It was so easy to send someone Gifts but now I don’t even know how to send gifts.Also Im Dissapointed as before If you didnt get chance to read all of you’re messages you could just go back and look at them and read them again,But now once you’ve clicked on the message it’s gone you can’t do that,I do miss the Private Chat.But I love the site it’s great that it’s free,you get to read the members Profiles too,Ive met some really lovely Guys over the years and have had some very interesting Dates And Im So Glad That Ive Joined This Site,Theres Just One Or Two Teething Problems that’s all I Find It Very Difficult To Block A Member If They’re Being Abbusive Towards Me.Where As It Was Easy Before.I Love The Chance To Win More Credits,With The Surveys That You Have Now And Again.Im Not Really Sure How You Get to Appear On The Wall Or What Thats About.


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