Single on Valentine's Day

The Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

As a singleton it’s been a testing time of year. We’ve just got over the Christmas period, and with the constant sight of loved up couples clogging up our newsfeeds, its mid-February, so that means it’s Valentine’s! Who even is St. Valentine and what has he done for us? Slayed a dragon? No, he’s just a big reminder that us singletons are still single. You can’t even pop out on your lunch break without being smacked in the face with reminders of the ‘big day’.

Well I’m here to tell you, you are not alone. The beginning of a new year is renowned for the biggest amount of break-ups, divorces and separations and down to good timing we now face what is supposedly the most ‘romantic’ day of the year. So how do we singles go about it? Do we drown our sorrows and proceed to sing 80’s love ballads way into the night? Do we torture ourselves by watching ‘The Notebook’ and eating our feelings? If bellowing out Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ is not your thing, or you’d rather not slip into a food coma whilst wondering why Ryan Gosling is not your boyfriend, here are a couple of alternative ideas on how to beat the Valentine’s Day drag…

Gather up your single friends

If the sight of edible underwear on sale has tipped you over the edge, put you off your lunch, and you just can’t bear to be alone this Valentine’s Day then gather up your single friends and hit the town. A night out with your single companions will give you an excuse to dress to impress, and if you look good, you’ll feel even better. Those that hit bars and clubs on Valentine’s Day will inevitably be single, so if you start chatting to someone you’ve got that in common.

Having fun with your single friends will take your mind off everything and if the ‘big day’ is stressing you out, a night of dancing is bound to take your mind elsewhere. However, if stepping out on the eve of Valentine’s fills you with dread and you’d rather stay indoors away from a load of single guys looking for a quick romance, then gather up your own single troops and stay in. Good company and a takeaway is guaranteed to boost your spirits too.

Embrace being single

This week you may be hearing all about your loved up friends and work colleagues being treated to romantic getaways and receiving fancy gifts, having to listen to them gush on whilst all you have to look forward to is what’s for dinner that evening and getting into your pj’s, but you know and I know that this time next week they’ll more than likely be moaning about their other half and you’ll be back to reveling in your single lifestyle.

Embrace being single and the fact you haven’t got anyone else to worry about. The single life can be enjoyable! Appreciate the fact you only have yourself to please, you can do what you want when you want… no drama, no fuss. You’ve also saved yourself a small fortune and have successfully avoided being sucked into buying a load of high priced, commercialised tat and spending money on overpriced set menus, go you!

Be daring

So you take the same commute to work every day and over the past couple of weeks someone has caught your eye and made your journey that little bit more interesting, but you’ve never had the guts to make eye contact, let alone approach them? Be daring, break the ice or flash them a smile! After all it is Valentine’s Day. Surely commuters are a bit cheerier than usual? You never know where it may lead…

Treat it like any other day

It may be a surprise to hear that the 14th of February is just like any other day in the calendar. Try to avoid all urges to retreat to your duvet after the day has ended to give your best Gollum impression and take on the day just as you did the last. It’s also a plus that this year Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday and we singletons can celebrate the fact we have 2 glorious days out of the office. So do what you would normally do; go for drinks after work, do the weekly shop – whatever it is you get up to on a Friday, do it with your head held high, and if you normally do an award winning performance of Gollum after a busy week – we’re not here to judge.

Try online dating?

If all this talk of the ‘big day’ has really got to you and you can’t see the light, why not find out what’s happening on the online dating scene? Just because you’re being a cynical singleton this year does not mean that you will be the next. It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s one of the most popular days in the calendar for us singles to dip our toes into the online dating pool. If you’ve been tempted before but never been brave enough now is the time to do it! will be buzzing with an array of new members so why not join the crowd? You have all the excitement of meeting new people without the pressure of making a good first impression, participating in small talk with someone you’re not interested in, and all with the added bonus of being within the comfort of your own home. Perfect!

If all else fails…

If none of this advice has eased the fear of this year’s Valentine’s Day and you’re still wanting the ground to swallow you up then just remember one thing – you’re great on your own, you were great yesterday and you’ll be great again tomorrow. You don’t need anybody else to tell you that. Oh, and rumour has it Ryan Gosling is recently single… every cloud.

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