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How to Single-Handedly (As A Couple) Ruin Board Game Night

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself a nice bunch of friends and enjoy their company very much, and so like nothing better than to gather around a pre-designated house and spend time with them. This usually involves some drinks, banter and more recently, a lot of board games.

Now these aren’t the horribly boring games that spring to mind when one initially thinks “board games” such as Monopoly, or Cluedo (yes these are boring and if you think they aren’t you’re THAT person who no-one wants to play with!). We’re in a new era of boxed fun people, from building railways to sailing a sea of dragons!

OK I’m done trying to make the games I play appear cool, you’re just going to have to trust me.

So… seven friends sitting around a cramped table with a pile of discarded no-goes settled upon the fine choice of: Last night on earth.

The teams were chosen as we broke out the pieces and assembled the small town in which the game takes place, but right away there was a pair doing THAT couple thing. It appeared  we had chosen them to control the zombies and they were “we’re so in love” squabbling over which coloured zombies they had control of. This ended when the man wrenched his chosen colour from his beloved and she meekly conceded. For the time being, having done enough to vie for his attention from the rest of us, all was calm on the damp, downtrodden grass in the small zombie infested town.

Alas this was not to last…..

He must have been feeling guilty over enforcing his choice as towards the end of the game he broke out the old, arm around partner move as if staking his claim, whilst simultaneously nuzzling her neck, combining these with the odd mischievous poke, all the while maintaining a conversation and a zombie/human scenario. I know what you’re thinking… the gall! 

Nobody wants to be privy to this.

But this is all natural behaviour and has its place, new relationships are exciting and often giddying as you find out more about each other and push boundaries, but at least take your friends into consideration! The singles don’t want to be reminded of what they’re missing out on, and the time worn couples have already done it all before. So respect your friends whilst your romance blossoms and above all… respect the board game!

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