Getting date ready

A Girl’s Guide To Getting Date Ready In 10 Minutes

I was out at lunch with a girlfriend recently and we got chatting about our successful dates from Smooch. We are total opposites but somehow we had both made the same rookie mistakes with timekeeping and dates; we had met a great guy, been chatting for a while and had decided to meet up. Then when it came to the date day we had been out shopping/had coffee with the girls/been lazy, and had only left ourselves 10 minutes to go from slobby to date ready! No easy task.

If you regularly find yourself so popular that you struggle to find pamper time then this little plan below may help! Unless you are Wonder Woman it’s unlikely you will find time for everything on the list, so what I do is prioritise the essentials and see how much I can fit in.

Shower: Washing your hair is pretty much out of the question, so just jump in, wash all over, then do a quick dry and you’re done. If you haven’t turned the hot water on then you are just going to have to bare it, it may even speed you up, and just think how fresh and glowing your skin will be!

Makeup: Do the essentials. There’s no time for full face makeup now, and anyway your date is here to meet you, he won’t care if you left the eyeshadow. NOTE: nail varnish is not an option, you will just get it everywhere and your nails will be a mess. If your nails are already a mess bring remover in the car/train and a file, and you might find time to clean them up if your date is fashionably late.

Hair: It’s easy to feel a bit off if your hair has taken on a mind of its own, so my suggestion is dry shampoo and sweep it up. If all else fails a cute hat or hair accessory can do wonders!

The outfit: if you are like me you have had it planned beforehand but if not, or if it’s half in the wash then my advice is to go for a favourite outfit. This way your date is getting to know the real you, you feel comfortable, and you know it goes together. On early dates he is not going to know which of your outfits are brand new or old favourites anyway.

Perfume: there’s always time for a quick spritz!

Teeth: I do tend to prioritise this. Always make time to check your teeth for leftover lunch or lippie, and have a quick swish of mouthwash.

Handbag essentials: tissues, antibacterial hand gel (for a quick freshen up), mints, perfume/body spray and a hair tie. And if you haven’t left enough time to do half the preening you had planned remember: he has chosen to meet you. He’s gotten to know you and has decided that you are so great that he wants to try a date, so just be yourself, and if all else fails stay in the shadows and be mysterious 😉

Good luck and happy dating!

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