Are you dating your smartphone

Are You Dating Your Smartphone?


1. ”And I would walk (text) 500 miles, and I would walk (email) 500  more

The first title could suggest that one may be (some would say fortunately) pursuing a long-distance relationship, wherein the very situation presents the constrained habit of experiencing much of it, through your smartphone. So fingers on buzzers, buttons and swipe-able screens! It would seem that you’re dating a human through the means of an android. How did that even happen!? It doesn’t matter – it’s utterly 2014! Obviously we aren’t all going to revert back to quills and parchment, why would we want to! New age tech is so fantastical! It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s downright essential in my book! (My smartphone/tablet style book, of course.)

The not so distant future might then paint a somewhat ‘Futurama‘ style picture, where we’ll all emit a feint white or ‘industrial bulb blue‘ glow from the depths of our facial skin, after having subjected it to a lifetime of concentration of smartphone screens at close range! We’ve already entered the age where the number of people bumping into each other on a daily basis has tripled due to necks bent firmly down to ‘reading my smartphone‘ position. You know what I’m talking about people!

Distance is a big reason for having a large portion of your relationship through the means of a smartphone. Other factors typically include the sometimes very unavoidable fast-paced day to day life that many of us lead. Sometimes there’s simply not enough time in the day to even contemplate taking an hour to ourselves, let alone fathom taking  the time out to have a date night or even a lunch date! So of course having our smartphone to hand constantly, this little pocket sized genius, slash organizer, slash phone book, slash messaging facility, slash camera… is essential for powering the smooth flow of our days, and it’s fast becoming the means of also powering and maintaining our relationships. Good or bad though?

2. ”This is the best phone EVER. I’m addicted

Maybe you’re not necessarily dating your smartphone due to distance or lifestyle or circumstance. On the flip side perhaps while others are enthralled in the more traditional approach of one on one dating, and currently out on a physical date with Raoul from Resourcing, or Helen from HR , you’re kicking back on the sofa, in front of the fire with a large glass of Chilean Merlot, dragging your finger across hundreds of  faces on your new dating app, still debating if you’d rather carry on with this, or play candy crush saga. Dilemma! But maybe it’s the utter greatness of the smartphone that has caused you to be lazy and have more of a relationship with this, rather than a person. You’ve got your games, your Sky Go app and everything else you need at your fingertips. You’re literally dating your gadget.

Despite the various ways of interpreting that header, the question simply is… are you dating your smartphone? However perhaps it prompts a more important question… is that such a bad thing?

It’s rhetorical, but definitely food for thought.

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