Bridget Jones Kissing Gif

Top 10 Smooches of All Time

You may have guessed this already, but we love a good Smooch! We’ve been discussing our favourite Smooches of all time and have put together a list of our top 10! Here we go…



Although this upside down Smooch looks passionate and romantic, it was actually incredibly difficult for Spiderman aka Tobey Maguire. During an interview he revealed that he had to battle with raining water running up his nose, and had trouble breathing when his co-star Kirsten Dunst peeled back his mask!

Vancouver Riots


This now iconic photo was taken during the 20122 Vancouver Stanley Cup riot. Alexandra Thomas was knocked down, and her boyfriend Scott Jones ran to comfort her. Sports Illustrated awarded this photo the ‘Most Compelling Sports Image of the Year’.

The Notebook


Girls (and secretly, boys) everywhere remember this moment in The Notebook. Noah and Allie are finally reunited after years apart – they’re in the pouring rain, it’s all very romantic. Their Smooch won them an award at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, at which Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (who were then a real life couple) recreated the kiss. Watch it here!

Pretty Woman


Julia Roberts’ character Vivian shows us all that dreams really do come true in Pretty Woman. Her knight (businessman) in shining armour (Armani suit), rides up on his white steed (limo) and conquers his fear of heights to rescue the fair maiden, who rescues him right back.

Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt


This famous snap, taken in Times Square, became a symbol of peace and love in post war America. However, as romantic as it looks, this chap was actually kissing every woman in the square, and this one in particular slapped the cheeky sailor after the surprise Smooch!

From Here to Eternity


It’s Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster rolling around in amongst the waves, what’s not to love? Released in 1953, this scene was considered rather risqué for its time. The scene was originally written with the couple standing, but Burt suggested it would be better for them to lie down on the beach. Halona Cove, where it was filmed, became a huge tourist attraction after the release of the film.

Lady & The Tramp


Take one classy cocker spaniel, one cheeky Schnauzer, one plate of spaghetti and meatballs, one dreamy Italian song and what do you have? The cutest Smooch in animated history!

Four Weddings and a Funeral


This is the third Smooch on our list that happens in the rain! Not that Carrie, played by Andie MacDowell, seems to notice, sparking one of the most famous lines from the movie, “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.”

When Harry Met Sally


Movie goers everywhere breathed a huge sigh of relief when this stubborn pair finally got together. Our hearts still melt every time we hear Harry’s New Years Eve speech… “I came here tonight because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start right away.”

Bridget Jones’ Diary


We love this kiss because it’s so untraditionally romantic. Sometimes embarrassing things just happen (although we’ve never gone running down the street in our big pants). The snow, the music, the ever awkward Bridget, and the ever charming Mark Darcy make this one of the best movie Smooches of all time.

And there you have it! Did we miss any of your favourites out? Let us know below!

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